Machcam 71 71 Megapixel Camera

Discover the details when you see the difference 71MP can make

For more than four decades, The Crowley Company has been a worldwide authority on digital and analog imaging capture as the manufacturers and distributors of leading scanner brands Mekel Technology and Wicks and Wilson. In an exciting development, Crowley has used this extensive expertise to design the MACHCAM 71, a 71 megapixel camera. Starting with the CHR70M image sensor, features have been programmed into the MACHCAM 71 for several distinct markets: machine vision and cultural heritage. It’s the ideal inspection camera; the ideal camera for situations requiring high-level detail.


Key Features

  • Small camera case for easy integration
  • USB 3.0 compatible
  • Included software development kit
  • Pairs with notable industry software
  • Internal trigger (with optional foot pedal for cultural heritage applications)
  • F-mount standard; custom mount upon request
  • Pixel correction
  • Monochrome or RGB color models
  • Fan optional
  • Color accuracy consultation and support (for cultural heritage applications)
  • Lightweight (1.39 lbs/630 grams)


*Custom software consultation may be available. Call (240) 215-0224 for details.