Machcam 71 71 Megapixel Camera


Introduced to the market in 2016, the first generation MACHCAM 71 is being utilized in a variety of machine vision and cultural heritage solutions across the world as one of the best megapixel cameras on the market today. By request, several next generation cameras are already in development to further enhance the features of the MACHCAM 71 for specific inspection and scanning applications.

A sampling of current MACHCAM 71 camera-tested applications include:


Best megapixel camera for machine vision CHR70M image sensor

  • Aerial Imaging (imaging and tracking systems via drone)
  • PC board inspection
  • Glass inspection (medical lab)
  • DNA analysis
  • Meterology
  • QC inspection
  • Medical research
  • System integration

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Aerial imagingScientific imaging via megapixel camera for machine visionCultural heritage preservation via megapixel camera for machine vision

  • Archival scanners
  • Graphic arts digitization (service bureau)
  • Large-format scanners (manufacturer/distributor)
  • Book scanners (manufacturer/distributor)

Learn why the¬†MACHCAM 71 may be the best megapixel camera on the market. Get in touch for more information on the camera’s applications.