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Crowley Company to Showcase Next Generation 71 Megapixel Camera at VISION 2018

Frederick, Md. and Stuttgart, Germany – After making its first international appearance in 2016 at Stuttgart’s VISION show, the world’s leading trade fair for machine vision, the MACHCAM 71, the over 70 megapixel camera designed by The Crowley Company, will appear in its next generation November 6-8 at the biennial conference.

In use worldwide in a variety of machine vision and cultural heritage applications, the affordably-priced MACHCAM 71 offers high resolution and a wide field of vision ideal for inspections, surveillance and digital reproductions.

Says Christopher Crowley, The Crowley Company president, “Over the past two years, the MACHCAM 71 has been utilized by universities, laboratories, municipalities, manufacturers, law enforcement and forensic operations for everything from glass inspection to counterfeit document identification to DNA analysis to drone surveillance and map digitization. It’s been both interesting and gratifying to discover the multiple applications the niche MACHCAM 71 can fill.”\

Engineered by The Crowley Company, the MACHCAM 71 megapixel camera offers an expanded field of view which can eliminate or lessen the need for photo stitching, resulting in clear, accurate images.

MACHCAM 71 Version 1.5

Engineered by The Crowley Company and using a CHR70M sensor, the MACHCAM 71MP camera beats a 70 megapixel camera via an area array camera designed specifically for applications which require high resolution to capture fine details.

For machine vision applications, these can include:

  • LCD/PCB Inspection
  • Aerial Imaging
  • Packaging and Inspection
  • Scientific Imaging
  • Military and Law Enforcement Security

Less than 4 in/10 cm square, the MACHCAM 71 delivers with a Pleora software development kit and is USB 3.0 compatible. The MACHCAM 71 pairs with Cognex VisionProand other key machine vision industry software to further enhance versatility. The 1.5 version of the MACHCAM 71 includes an external trigger for enhanced capture options in automated environments, bootloader capability allowing for FPGA firmware updates and an automated calibration processor for optimal image results, which can vary from sensor to sensor.

Demos and Consultations at VISION 2018 in Hall 1/Booth F84

A working MACHCAM 71MP will be available for demonstrations in Hall 1/Booth F84.

Additionally, it will be seen as integrated into the TrueImage M1000, a new-to-market scanner developed in partnership with ID Scientific which will simultaneously debut at the Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo/North America in Las Vegas, Nev. The TrueImage M1000 has been engineered to quickly and efficiently identify fraudulent identity and financial documents by those with little or no identification knowledge or training.

Also on hand will be a MACHCAM 120MP prototype, which utilizes Canon’s 120 megapixel image sensor. The Crowley Company was named a Canon U.S.A., Inc. Visionary in January of this year for its future engineering of the MACHCAM 120MP camera for Canon distribution.

Applications Beyond Just Another 70 Megapixel Camera

The MACHCAM 71MP is currently available as a single use item and for volume OEM opportunities and is available for on-site testing with some restrictions.

The Crowley Company also provides consulting, research and design and production services for integration of the MACHCAM cameras into an end-use product.


About The Crowley Company

The Crowley Company is a world leader in digital imaging technologies and services, manufacturing and utilizing front-end capture systems for the purposes of archival preservation, records management and machine vision.

About VISION  

Held every two years, the VISION trade fair covers the entire spectrum of machine vision technology. In addition to first-class exhibitors, VISION has always been characterized by its strong international draw and a varied accompanying educational program. A permanent fixture at the trade fair is “Industrial VISION Days,” the world’s largest talk forum for machine vision.