Machcam 71 71 Megapixel Camera

Cultural Heritage

From social sciences to geography to technology, the world is changing at a lightning pace. The study and practice of cultural heritage preservation has become critically important to the capture and keeping of history – in all of its forms – for future generations. When the context of the medium is as important as the content, the MACHCAM 71MP camera can provide stunning clarity.

With a wide field of view, the MACHCAM 71MP high-resolution camera can be used in capture systems and independently to digitize the cultural heritage collections of libraries, museums, corporations and educational and government institutions in monochrome or color. These include:

  • Archaeological artifacts (multi-dimension)Archaeological artifacts
  • Archive materials
    • Bound materials (standard and large-format)
    • Loose documents (standard and large-format)
    • Black and white photographs
    • Film negatives and slides
    • Reflective prints
    • Line art
    • Glass plates
    • Daguerreotypes
    • Tintypes
    • Ambrotypes
    • More
  • Museum collections
    • Artifacts
    • Fine Arts
    • Personal papers
    • Special collections
  • Corporate and Institutional Records
    • Financial
    • Medical
    • Corporate
    • Litigation