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TrueImage M1000 document examination platform

Manufactured by The Crowley Company, the TrueImage M1000 utilizes the MACHCAM 71 camera and a patent pending advanced lighting array to create a high-level document examination platform for document authentication.

In partnership with ID Scientific, The Crowley Company has engineered and manufactured the just-released TrueImage M1000, an advanced imaging device utilizing the MACHCAM 71.

Authenticate Questioned Documents

Designed specifically for laboratory, field or office use to analyze and authenticate questioned documents, the TrueImage M1000 is a critical investigative tool for the high-end document examination of currency, passports, personal identification cards and similar-sized legal documents.

Using a patent pending lighting array, the 71 megapixel capture depth of the MACHCAM 71 inspection camera, and intuitive software designed by a forensic science applications expert, the TrueImage M1000 captures images at 2,000 pixels an inch, making it an essential and versatile took in document examination.

passport kinegram captured by MACHCAM 71

The TrueImage M1000 uses a patent pending lighting array and the MACHCAM 71 megapixel camera to capture detailed images such as an optical variable device (OVD)

Key Uses of the TrueImage M1000

Designed for second-level (plus) document investigation, key uses of the TrueImage M1000 include:

  • Forensic-level imaging to reveal key security features
  • Laboratory examination with capture settings for white light, UV365 and angled white light for optical variable devices (OVD)
  • Field examination using predefined settings and walkthroughs specific to document type
  • Remote examination via a custom Remote Imaging Services (RIS) which allows for real-time verification laboratory review

Simple Software for On-Site and Remote Document Examination

In addition to offering the most detailed images currently available in the examination industry, the TrueImage M1000 features simple-to-use software that eliminates extensive operator training, ensuring that the TrueImage M1000 can be in continuous use despite staff changes, turnover and level of expertise. The RIS option further enhances the real-time investigative power of the M1000 by creating a portal for quick, secure document examination by laboratory experts.

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