Machcam 71 71 Megapixel Camera

Machine Vision Camera

Machine vision – the technology and methods used to provide imaging-based automated inspection and analysis – centers on gathering the smallest details possible to provide information that leads to the success of a product or project. Utilizing the respected CMOSIS CHR70M image sensor, The Crowley Company has incorporated four decades of imaging expertise into the MACHCAM 71 camera to provide manufacturing, research, medical, scientific, security, military, and other personnel a true picture of the minute details when they need it most. It’s a machine vision camera you can count on to see the details that matter.

Now available for field testing: MACHCAM71v2, the next generation 71 megapixel MACHCAMERA.

Full Featured Machine Vision Camera

Affordable in its class, the high-resolution MACHCAM 71 offers the high-level images expected of a top machine vision camera. It provides clear images in wide field of view, further enhancing its value by eliminating or reducing the need to stitch together images from multiple smaller megapixel cameras.

The MACHCAM 71 is available for manufacturers, distributors and direct to end-users. For key features and sensor and camera specifications, download the MACHCAM 71 brochure.

High-resolution machine vision camera

Industry Applications

The MACHCAM 71 Megapixel Camera has a wide range of industry applications and pairs with notable industry software such as Cognex/VisionPro.

This machine vision camera is ideal for:

  • LCD/PCB Inspection
  • Aerial Imaging
  • Packaging and Inspection
  • Military/Law Enforcement/Security
  • Scientific Imaging
  • Quality Control
  • Document Examination
  • Others

About the Megapixel Camera Image Sensor

After exhaustive research, The Crowley Company chose the CHR71000 — the world’s highest resolution CMOS image sensor currently available — for implementation into the MACHCAM 71C (RGB color) and MACHCAM 71M monochrome cameras. Produced by CMOSIS, these sensors provide an excellent base for Crowley’s high-end machine vision cameras.

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