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High-Resolution Camera News: MACHCAM 71MP Machine Vision Cameras to Demo at Vision Fair

Frederick, Maryland U.S.A. – Christopher Crowley, president of The Crowley Company, announces the formal entry of the MACHCAM 71MP Machine Vision Camera to the international market. The MACHCAM 71 high-resolution camera can be seen for the first time internationally in Booth 1D88 at the upcoming VISION Fair in Stuttgart, Germany November 8-10. It is available for single use application, as an inspection camera, or as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product.

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The MACHCAM 71MP camera will be seen for the first time internationally at the upcoming Vision Fair in Stuttgart, Germany

“This is a natural fit with our manufacturing arm,” says Crowley. “For decades, we have engineered some of the most reputable analog and digital imaging systems in the world. We’ve now designed a high-resolution camera that can be utilized by other manufacturers in numerous industry applications from packaging and inspection to law enforcement and archival scanning.”

Meeting multiple preservation imaging guidelines in the U.S. and internationally, the MACHCAM high-resolution camera is available in two models, monochrome and color. Using a CMOSIS sensor as its base, Crowley engineers have developed a small camera with a big impact – the case measures only 83 x 83 x 63.5 mm and can be easily implemented into machine vision applications. The camera package includes: camera; SDK; installation software; and manual and source code files.

Early reviews for the high-resolution camera are positive.

“We are impressed with the initial cycle time (capture to transfer rate)…and are confident that the system has real potential,” states a Japanese OEM and reseller.

Jon Chouinard, vice president of 1stVision business development and a North American reseller, notes that, “Combining a large CMOSIS sensor with USB3 in a small package will open up many new applications that were previously cost-prohibitive.”


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