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TrueImage M1000 Document Examination Platform Launches November 6th

Advanced lighting array, 2,000 PPI resolution and custom software could change industry standards for second-level document verification

Frederick, Md., Lake Tahoe, Nev., Las Vegas, Nev. and Stuttgart, Germany – The TrueImage M1000, an advanced imaging unit for second-level document verification, will be released to market nationally and internationally on Tuesday, November 6th.  Product partners ID Scientific (IDS) and The Crowley Company (Crowley) will unveil the capture and examination platform simultaneously at the 2018 VISION show held in Stuttgart, Germany (Hall 1/Booth F84) and at the Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo in Las Vegas (Booth 621).

About the TrueImage M1000

TrueImage M1000 Document Examination Platform

The TrueImage M1000 is manufactured by The Crowley Company and utilizes the MACHCAM 71 for second-level document investigation

Manufactured in the United States and distributed by The Crowley Company worldwide, the TrueImage M1000 is a collaborative effort between Crowley, a firm that has specialized in imaging hardware manufacturing and sales for nearly four decades, and ID Scientific. IDS provides government and private security organizations with forensic hardware and software solutions for applications ranging from handwriting analysis to the imaging and classification of identity documents and currency.

Joe Wilkinson, IDS executive vice president and chief technology officer, shares the inspiration for the TrueImage M1000. “Having lived in the forensic science space for nearly 20 years,” he says, “We recognized the need for a second-level document forensic tool that could simplify the process of verifying documentation at the point of capture. When we saw the possibilities offered by Crowley’s 71 megapixel camera, and further, by their R&D and manufacturing capabilities, we knew that what was on the IDS drawing board could become a reality. After just 12 months of intense collaboration, the M1000 prototype has been field-tested, demonstrated and is now ready for market.”

The TrueImage M1000 is designed specifically to capture and inspect images from smaller-sized documents such as passports, currency and personal identification cards such as driver’s licenses and other photo IDs.

The platform uses easy-to-place glass platen document holders and boasts a patent pending advanced lighting array with 80 banks of LED lights that can be angled in five degree increments. Individual control over the brightness and intensity of each bank and capture settings for white light, UV365 and angled white light for optical variable devices allows investigators an enhanced view of the questioned document. Using the MACHCAM 71, the M1000 can quickly capture an image up to 2,000 pixels per inch, giving examiners the significant document detail not available elsewhere.

An industry-changing examination tool

border patrol document verificationAs staff turnover at the field level of document examination can be significant, engineering an easy-to-use software platform was deemed critical to the M1000’s future success. Notes Wilkinson, “Through the course of the development process, I’ve learned that there are capture units in place at borders, in airports and in other security settings that are simply collecting dust because there just isn’t the manpower for constant on-site training.” To combat this challenge, IDS has designed a software package that is intuitive to anyone familiar with basic PC operation. Using predefined settings and walkthroughs for varying document types, field staff can easily capture and assess the validity of a document.

Should the document need advanced verification investigation, the M1000’s Remote Imaging Services (RIS) option gives those in the field the ability to share images real-time for more detailed review by a forensic professional in a remote laboratory or other offsite location.

Primary use cases include:

  • Forensic-level imaging
  • Laboratory examination
  • Field examination
  • Remote examination

The most likely industries to benefit from the launch of the TrueImage M1000 include:

  • Government
  • Financial
  • Banking
  • Gaming
  • Entertainment
  • Retail/Commercial.

To further set the M1000 apart, IDS provides software consultation to customize presets and markers specific to document type. Additionally, the M1000 has a custom transport case, giving it a portability rare for this detailed level of examination hardware.

High Expectations for the M1000

passport Kinegram captured by MACHCAM 71

The TrueImage M1000 uses a patent pending lighting array and the MACHCAM 71 megapixel camera to capture detailed images such as an optical variable device (OVD)

“Based on early response, we have pretty high expectations for the TrueImage M1000,” says Christopher Crowley, president of The Crowley Company. “The feedback from initial presentations was nothing less than enthusiastic and we have pre-launch orders pending.”

He continues, “The security community is working diligently against almost overwhelming odds to identify and seize counterfeit documents. When you follow the trail of even one false document, the financial and day-to-day implications for any country is eye-opening. Multiply this by thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of questioned documents, and the fallout is nearly unimaginable.

Working on the TrueImage M1000 has been both a cerebral and manufacturing learning experience. I feel confident that with IDS’ forensic knowledge and Crowley’s engineering expertise, we’ve designed a product that will truly make a difference to those engaged in anti-counterfeit and security operations.”


About The Crowley Company

Headquartered in Frederick, Md. , The Crowley Company is a world leader in digital imaging technologies and services, manufacturing and utilizing front-end capture systems for the purposes of cultural heritage digital preservation, records management, document examination and machine vision.

About ID Scientific

Based in Lake Tahoe, Nev., ID Scientific has nearly two decades invested in the forensic science arena, developing hardware and software solutions for the advanced investigation of document verification.

About VISION  

Held every two years in Stuttgart, Germany, the VISION trade fair covers the entire spectrum of machine vision technology and is the industry’s largest conference and expo.

About Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo

Held in Las Vegas, the Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo (ACCE) is the only event that encompasses the entire currency and secure document supply chain.